All About Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is now known as a form of exercise in west specially, although it took its route from ancient India. Many ancient forms of yoga still exist like bikram yoga, hatha yoga and many more. In yoga classes yoga is practiced in a number of different yoga styles. 

All About Vinyasa Yoga

All of the yoga styles are comprised of same yoga postures but just the style is different. Some yoga styles are slow and gentle while others are fast and rigorous. So before joining a class a person must do a proper study of all the yoga styles so that he could make a best decision according to his needs. On of the most well known yoga style is vinyasa style yoga. 

This yoga style is used in many different types of yoga class, in vinyasa yoga the movements from one yoga posture to the other is synchronized with the inhale and exhale patterns. Even the movements within a pose are also synchronized with the breathing pattern. The pace in vinyasa style yoga is very fast. This yoga style is best suited for people who want to participate in some enthusiastic exercise. Two yoga poses that provide best example of vinyasa yoga are:-

  1. Cat Cow Stretch
  2. Sun Salutation

Every movement in these poses is synchronized with the inhalation and exhalation patterns. Generally a vinyasa yoga based class starts with sun salutation as a war up exercise. Vinyasa style yoga is also referred to as vinyasa flow in yoga literature.

About Vinyasa Yoga Classes

There is no hard and fast sequence of vinyasa yoga. No hard and fast rules are laid down. It is a just a style suited for highly enthusiastic people. That is why different teachers of this yoga style teach their class in a very different manner. A lot of variety is available to the practitioners. If someone is not satisfied with his instructor he can easily switch to another class. 

One thing common about vinyasa yoga classes is that they all include sun salutations either as a warm up or a regular exercise. An essential component of vinyasa yoga class is the yoga chants. In place of stretching a lot of coordinated movement among and from poses to poses is easily seen. Few very famous branches of yoga like Ashtanga yoga and bikram yoga make use of vinyasa yoga style.

Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Training Courses

This yoga style is only for people who want to do some fast paced and rigorous exercise. A number of choices are available to these people in terms of classes. So vinyasa yoga teacher training is very crucial for him to retain his students. A number of yoga centers are available all over the world that offers courses for vinyasa yoga teacher certification.

Best Yoga Mats For Vinyasa

Sweating is the common issue with this yoga style. It is recommended to use highly absorbent material mats during practice of vinyasa yoga in place of a towel. Mat is going to provide more comfort to the practitioner then the towel. Best yoga mats for vinyasa is one with a highly textured surface as it would be more absorbent.

Lose Weight With Vinyasa Yoga

If someone wants to make yoga as a primary exercise to lose weight the he must select a vigorous form of yoga. Vinyasa style yoga is the best choice to lose weight. This yoga style can be used along with Ashtanga or bikram yoga. The results would be really fruitful. Thus a person can lose weight with vinyasa yoga without doing any other exercise like cycling and running. But the workout must be done atleast three times a week for 90 minutes each.