Yoga Worldwide Teacher Training

There is a massive demand for trained yoga teachers worldwide and in the west, mostly. This industry is showing enormous growth. A large number of people want to become a yoga instructor and start their independent practice. This is becoming the ideal career for some yoga lovers. This career gives a dual advantage to people, they will remain healthy and fit, plus they can get a handsome amount from their yoga practice.

Yoga Worldwide Teacher Training

Now the question arises how does a person go for such a career. Thus, interested people are required to take proper training from a yoga teacher training certified school. After they get their certificate and recommendation letter, they can start their teaching practice. For the level 1 yoga teacher certification, it is required by the trainees to complete 240 teacher training hours. The tuition fee for such a course starts at $300. 

This is just the tuition fee. It does not include the books and CDs expenditure needed during the time. Even some yoga teacher training courses to go through at home are also available. They cost much less to the interested yogis'. But these comprehensive home workout programs lack the all-time supervision of qualified instructors. Although in such packages email and telephone facility to the qualified instructors is available, people feel more comfortable getting training directly. The yoga teacher training home courses are generally helpful to the people who cannot afford to go to a school.

The core ideas these "going to be yoga teachers" are taught with are related to:-

  1. The Basic Anatomy Of The Body.
  2. The Underlying Yoga Philosophy.
  3. Classical Yoga Poses.
  4. Yoga Nizams.
  5. Yoga Components.
  6. Meditation And Stress Relief.
  7. Modifications Of The Basic Poses.
  8. Yoga Chants.
  9. Teaching Tips And Ethics.

To be a perfect yoga teacher, one does not need training in these core areas. This core knowledge is the central part of the training course, but besides this core knowledge, a yoga teacher needs to know how to run his business. Some other skills taught in a yoga teacher training course are given below:-

Communication Skills:

The teacher's core knowledge is useless if he cannot communicate his knowledge correctly to the students.

Business Development Skills:

Whatever the instructor's quality of knowledge, if he cannot set up his business (yoga class) efficiently, he will lose in the long run.

Marketing Skills:

An instructor must market his class in the best possible way as there is a tough competition among yoga classes, so strong marketing skills are needed.

A properly trained yoga teacher is one who knows core areas and as well as these three essential skills developed in him during training. Such qualified instructors can only then build and maintain the client list.

So before choosing yoga teaching as a profession, one must make a few things clear in mind. There is a tough competition among different yoga classes now; if the person thinks he can sustain in this highly competitive industry, he should only enter. The tuition fee for the highly ranked yoga teacher training schools worldwide is relatively high. 

Also, students generally have to move too far off places from home to attend these schools. Hence, the total expenditure, including tuition fees, book expenditures, transportation, residence, and food, became relatively high. A person must give a deep thought before selecting this opportunity as a career.