Yoga For Kids And Some Commonly Practiced Yoga Positions for children


Yoga For Kids

In today’s world yoga is practiced as a form of exercise in different parts of the world especially in west. It compromises of a number of difficult postures and positions that result in a lot of body stretching. 

Yoga For Kids And Some Commonly Practiced Yoga Positions for children

Yoga lovers claim that it provides them with relaxation and give them a true feeling of self. It also keeps their body fit and healthy. All these claims are not objected by the listeners, but a number of people think that yoga is no meant for kids. 
So there is no concept of yoga for kids. However that’s not true, yoga for children could be as interesting and healthful for kids as it is for adults. One thing is obvious that yoga kids practice would be different from the yoga being practiced by adults.

Adults have a number of reasons for practicing yoga; few of the most important ones are to get sometime to be just with themselves and to get away from the routine tensions. Kids of course don’t have such tensions, but they face issues of their own age like exam tension, homework burden or some friend’s issues. So yoga for kids is as important as it is for adults as they learn to get relax from yoga.

If parents are interested they could get their children registered in kid’s yoga classes. The concept of these classes is becoming very popular in west especially. A properly trained teacher is needed to run a kids yoga class. The kid’s yoga teacher training is one of the most crucial elements in his or her selection as an instructor. Teacher should be able to start off with easy yoga for children and then gradually increase the stress level.

There are some parents who want their kids to be engaged in some children’s yoga activity but do not want them to attend a class. They could help their children in practicing yoga at home with the help of some yoga for children videos/dvd. These videos could serve as one’s own instruction manual for his or her kid’s yoga. It is positive to think that children doing yoga under proper guidance of either teacher or parents is going to remain fit and active in the rest of his or her life.

Yoga for kids must be planned in such a way that at the same time it is a source of learning as well fun for the kids, so yoga posses for kids must promote strong and healthy body, flexibility and coordination among kids. A number of techniques are used in kid’s yoga practice. These might include some self control and relaxation techniques.

Some Commonly Practiced Yoga Positions For Kids

The yoga poses for kids are quite large in number, but few of them are very common and practiced in almost every kid’s yoga class. Few of them are named as:-
  1. Owl Pose
  2. Bird Pose
  3. Squirrel Pose
  4. Rocker Pose
  5. Seal Pose
  6. Snake Pose
  7. Leaf Pose
  8. Flower Pose
  9. Cricket Pose
Each of these pose has its own specification and own purpose. These are only a few most practiced posses; however more posses could be searched and seen on the internet. A number of websites now provide free online yoga positions for children. These free online yoga positions for children could be used as an instruction guide for parents who want their kids to practice yoga not in a class but in home. One thing must be kept in mind that kids yoga posses are not the same as the adult’s yoga posses.