Everything You Need to Know About Yoga Centers & Teacher Training


Yoga Centers & Teacher Training

The concept of yoga originated in ancient India. It comprised of a group of some spiritual practices related to some ancient religions of India. In today’s modern world yoga is progressing as a form of exercise and a meditation tool in the west, mostly. The number of yoga classes is increasing at a swift pace. 

Everything You Need to Know About Yoga Centers & Teacher Training

With the increasing number of studies, the demand for trained yoga teachers is also growing. A large number of people want to become a yoga instructor and start their independent practice. By adopting yoga teaching as a career offers them the dual advantage, they will remain healthy and fit, plus they can get a handsome amount from their yoga practice.

To become a yoga instructor, interested people are required to complete a yoga teacher training program. There are two ways to go through such a program.

  1. Join Come Yoga Center.
  2. Go For (Take) Some Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Course At Home.

Yoga centres are the yoga teacher’s training schools. The interested people are required to take proper training from a yoga centre. After they get their certificate and recommendation letter, they can start their teaching practice. For the level 1 yoga teacher certification it is required by the trainees to complete 240 teacher training hours. The tuition fee for such a course starts at $300. This is just the tuition fee; it does not include the books.

Suppose someone wants to get yoga teacher training at home. They can select yoga teacher training courses to go through at home. This training cost much less. But these comprehensive home workout programs lack the all-time supervision of qualified instructors. Although in such packages email and telephone facility to the qualified instructors is available.

Sivananda yoga teacher training courses are top-rated. These courses give training for a unique form of yoga known as Sivananda yoga. This yoga is based on the ancient Indian concept of Guruhula, where the student lives with his teacher day and night during the training. The teacher influences every element of a student’s life. Therefore in Sivananda yoga teacher training courses, the students spend a lot of time with their instructors.

Contents Of The Yoga Teacher Training Program

To be a yoga teacher, the interested yogic needs to attend the yoga teacher certification course, as mentioned above. The contents of such a time design with great care. There are two primary components of a yoga teacher training program. These are:

  1. Core Concepts
  2. Business Development Skills

Core Concepts:

A person who wants to attend a yoga teacher training program need to learn the following core ideas:-

  1. The Basic Anatomy Of The Body.
  2. The Underlying Yoga Philosophy.
  3. Classical Yoga Poses.
  4. Modifications Of The Basic Poses.
  5. Teaching Tips And Ethics
  6. Yoga Chants And Many More Core Ideas.

Business Development Skills:

To be a correctly trained yoga teacher, one does not need training in these core areas. Besides these core concepts, a teacher training program needs to incorporate some business development skills. These are:-

  1. Best Communication Skills Are Needed To Effectively Use The Core Concepts In Teaching Which They Have Learned In Their Training.
  2. Strong Marketing Skills Are Needed By The Newly Trained Instructors So That They Can Promote Their Class.

Instructors trained in this broader manner can build and maintain the client list.