Yoga benefits mind, body and total well being

The health benefits of yoga are no secret. For several centuries now, the practice of yoga has been known to help individuals maintain good postures, a relaxed and centred outlook, good blood circulation as well as bone and muscle strength and tone. The reasons why one should practise yoga regularly are endless.

Yoga benefits mind, body and total well being

Through various yoga positions or poses, known as asanas, the practice of yoga benefits our body not just by stretching and toning our muscles. Yoga has helped a great number of people cope with scoliosis as it trains our body towards the correct posture. Arthritic individuals have likewise found relief in yoga as it stimulates our body systems to lubricate and stimulate our joints. The asanas or poses likewise help strengthen our bones.

Aside from strengthening our bones and toning our muscles, the regular and consistent practise of yoga increases our body’s flexibility with poses or asanas that gradually stretch our body to its limits. As a result, our body becomes less and less prone to muscle strain and cramps after long hours of work or activity.

Yoga postures and breathing also addresses the tension that accumulates in the muscles in our lower back as well as the neck and shoulders after a long day of sitting in your desk or front of the computer.

In addition to this, yoga has been proven to stimulate good blood circulation. The breathing that accompanies the poses in the practice of yoga helps keep our heart pumping and our lungs healthy, thus pumping much-needed oxygen through our system. This process likewise aids in our body’s cleansing and detoxification. It is likewise through this process that known asthma gain relief from the practice of yoga.

Enthusiasts also boast how the practice yoga benefits our complexion, and they are correct. Yoga exercises also stimulate our skin to cleanse itself of toxins by flushing them out as we sweat. Thus many yoga practitioners will attest to feeling their skin glow as well as refreshed after a yoga exercise.

It is also a known fact that yoga benefits our mind. The practice of yoga, no different from tai chi, has its meditative functions. This is certainly something we all need in this fast-paced and often stressful times.

The breathing techniques that accompany the asanas or yoga postures help clear our minds. The mantras and hums that go with the feeling and listening to ones own breathing provide the body and the mind a sense of relief and relaxation.

The corpse pose or the Shavasana for example is a yoga pose where you are made to lie down as if dead and motionless in a very relaxed state compels you to let go. This frees your mind from the stress and gives you a few precious minutes of total relaxation.

As yoga targets to eliminate negative energies in our physical body and mind, there is no question how yoga benefits our overall well being. A healthy body and a clear mind ultimately result in a positive outlook in life. More than anything this equipt all of us in facing the challenges we all face on a day to day basis.