The complete guide to yoga for beginners


Yoga Beginners Guide

Yoga is a great training form for all people. To prepare yourself for the adventure of your inner self as yoga can be, we have put together a checklist of what to think of and what to expect out of your first yoga class. This advice is made to make it easy for you to experience yoga without feeling out of place.

The complete guide to yoga for beginners

Starting with yoga is like entering a brand new world. This is not like going to the gym at all. First of all, the clothes are different. The atmosphere is not the same, either. Yoga is about finding your inner self, and the preparations for a yoga excerpting should be as nice and smooth as possible.

Pick your yoga

To start with, you need to figure out what kind of yoga to practice. This depends on who you are and what your needs are. For beginners, hatha yoga can be a good start. That is a kind of yoga that gives a little of everything. After that, you can pick another, more specialized yoga. Next step is to find a class. Internet is a marvellous tool for finding out what classes are given and when.

What to wear

What you wear is not that important, as long as you wear comfortable clothes that fit your body. They should be neither too tight nor too large. The aim is to have clothes that you do not think about at all. In most cases, the yoga takes place indoors in a tranquil room and having bare feet are usually recommended. However, if you use someone else´s mat, socks or shoes made for indoors are to be used. If you are uncertain, bring some extra socks, and check what other people wear. Jewellery should be avoided, and if your hair is long, tie it up in a simple knot.

What to bring

What to bring to a yoga class depends on the kind of yoga performed. Usually, a mat is necessary, but often there are mats to lend if needed. If you do not have your mat, check with the yogi of the class before entering. Sometimes other tools are needed as well, but the tools are usually handed out during class.

What to expect

In a yoga class, the students (or attendants) are lined up facing their mats to the front of the room where the yoga master is. Be sure to get the space you need. Most of the time, the people attending a class are really quiet and sit down as soon as possible, with their knees crossed. This is a good time to prepare your mind for the exercises. The class then starts with the teacher chanting ”om” three times. After that, breathing exercise usually takes place. This is to get all the students concentrated and focused. Then the posing gets started, and the exercises can get quite tough. In the end, everything gets more relaxed again. Stretches and relaxation take place nicely and softly.

The best time to practice

A lot of factors are involved in finding the right time of day for a yoga practice. The individual energy cycles through the day, the season and the kind of yoga are just some of them. In most cases, yoga practice is to be performed in the morning or the early evening. However, if you are a person not active in the morning, evenings will be far better. Select a class on a time where you feel comfortable and at ease, and when the body feels alive. That makes the yoga practice so much more efficient.

Weight loss and yoga

Yoga is a good practice during a diet. It helps us find balance in life, our motivation and strengthens the body at the same time. Be sure to pick a kind of yoga that is not too stressful on the joints, and that fits your current body status.