All About Yoga Chants - Yoga Complete Guide


Yoga took its route from ancient Indian civilization. It is being used both as a meditation tool and as an exercise philosophy in today's modern world. The yoga chants are the sacred lyrics used by (or sung by) while practicing yoga poses. These yoga chants took their route with the Hatha yoga and Tantra yoga, the most traditional branches of old Indian yoga.

All About Yoga Chants - Yoga Complete Guide

Another name for yoga chants is the "sound of yoga." In different parts of India, yoga chant is named differently. In north India, yoga chant is known as Kirtan, and in South, India Bhajan is the word used for chants. Yoga has become the most popular form of exercise and meditation tool in the west; yoga chants have been used and adopted by the westerner yoga practitioners as a part of yoga to achieve health benefits.

Yoga chants are written in Sanskrit, the most ancient language of India. However, yoga practitioners believe that the meaning of each yoga chant is universal. Some websites provide the free translation of yoga chants along with the original Sanskrit lyrics either in textual form or audio form. Some CDs of chants are available in the markets. Few websites offer chants CDs for sale. They first allow the buyer to listen to some free sample yoga chants before buying the CD. These sample yoga chants help the buyer to check the sound quality and clarity.

In the yoga classes organized most traditionally, yoga practice starts with the yoga opening chant and ends with yoga closing chants. Yoga trained teachers believe that listening to yoga chants does not distract the practitioner's attention from the actual series of yoga postures. Yoga posses flow into one another while listening to the sound of yoga. Some yoga lovers claim that listening to the sound of yoga before, during and after practicing yoga postures provides some health benefits to the practitioner, like controlling the blood pressure and heart rate.

It is said that traditional yoga chants have strong and powerful transformational energies. It is not necessary to use them while practicing yoga. They could be used in some places for meditation, health and relaxation benefits. Few of the possible incorporations of the sound of yoga in one's life are listed below:-

1. Listen to yoga's sound while practicing yoga postures: 

Yoga chants for opening and closing of yoga practice are different. Also, the sound of yoga could be used by practitioners during yoga practice. So there are a total of three usages of chants while practicing yoga. These are yoga + opening chant, yoga during the exercise and yoga + closing chant.

2. Listen to yoga's sound while doing routine works: 

Meditation is not the sole purpose of a yoga chant. The sound of yoga could be used to smooth, energize and relax the human body. And for this purpose, these chants could be listened to while doing routine gardening and cooking activities.

3. Listen to the sound of yoga as a personal prayer: 

As yoga is related to the old Indian religions, so the followers of these religions (especially Hinduism) sing yoga chants as there personal prayer. They believe that if the prayer place is properly equipped with candles or light lamps and they sing or listen to the chants there, it will develop some transformational energies in their bodies and will enhance the body's natural healing process.