All About Yoga Certification Programs Types


Yoga Certification

A number of yoga lovers want to adopt yoga teaching as their profession. By doing so they can earn a handsome sum of money and also their attention would not be distracted from the yoga practice. Thus they will learn yoga and will help others to learn this beautiful art too. In order to become a yoga teacher a person needs to complete a yoga certification course. There are a number of yoga instructor certification courses available. 

All About Yoga Certification Programs Types

One can complete his yoga certification course either from a yoga center (yoga teachers training School) or at home. There are different levels of this certification and the cost to earn a course depends on the level of certification. According to international standards in a level 1 yoga teacher certification trainees are required to complete 240 teacher training hours. The tuition fee of such a course in a yoga center starts at $300. 

Even there are institutes available that offer the advanced classes for level 4 yoga teacher certification program. If someone does not want to go to a yoga class for training then he can go through a comprehensive yoga certification course at home. This cost much less in terms of money. Online yoga certification courses are also available. 

A person needs to get registered to an online yoga certification course first by paying a registration fee. He then get the study material, instruction CDs and similar stuff to learn from later on his examination is taken and the result is announced in few weeks. This mode of certification lacks the direct supervision of the instructor. Phone and mailing facility to the instructors is available to the students.

Like yoga Pilates is a complete branch for learning. There are few people who want to get expertise in both Pilates and yoga and want to start their career in both the fields. For such people yoga and Pilate’s certification course are available. 

These courses provide them with specialization in both the fields. There are some institutes that specialize in just the art of Pilates. They offer Pilates certification courses and diplomas. However one can also get registered in an online certification of yoga Pilates. Such a certification course works in the same way as any other online yoga certification course.

Prenatal Yoga Certifications Programs

Parental yoga is branch of yoga that is about the yoga practice of a pregnant woman. The postures in this yoga are designed in such a manner that both baby and mother remain healthy and safe. Parental yoga not only aids women during pregnancy duration by relaxing muscles and reducing backache but it also supports women at the delivery time. Prenatal yoga even helps in the internal healing process of mothers. To work with a student in such a delicate condition the instructor needs special training. A number of institutes offer prenatal yoga certification programs. After going through such a yoga certification course an instructor can better handle his class of prenatal yoga and he can come up with a best possible practice plan for the class.

Chair Yoga Teacher Certification Programs

Some of the institutes are now offering chair yoga teacher certification programs for the aging population of world. As the number of old houses, Adult day care centers and senior centers are increasing in west especially so the need for chair yoga teachers is also increasing. The students of a chair yoga teacher certification program learn to develop a practice plan for aging people.