Top 6 Major Yoga Styles - Types of Yoga

Yoga could be described as a mean to unite body, mind and soul. Yoga includes some asanas (yoga poses or postures), chants (sound of yoga or yoga music) and different breathing patterns. Some people practise yoga as a form of exercise. To practice yoga, some other styles of yoga exist. Different types of yoga focus on the different yoga poses and serve a different purpose (meditation, relaxation, body flexibility and strength) for the practitioner. Given below is the brief description of some common yoga styles.

Top 6 Major Yoga Styles - Types of Yoga

Common Styles Of Yoga

Hatha Style

Almost all styles of yoga take their root from the Hatha style yoga. Hatha is a Sanskrit word where ha means sun and tha means moon. The main focus of Hatha style yoga is on such yoga postures that help in developing control of the body. The Hatha style yoga is considered to be one of the best yoga styles for the beginners as its poses and postures are slow and gentle.

Iyengar Style

This is the best style of yoga for the beginners as it uses blocks and a belt while practising different postures. These items prove to be of great help for the beginners. The main emphasis of the postures of this yoga style is on the structural alignment of the body. Also, a significant difference of Iyengar yoga from other yoga styles is that in place of changing the postures quickly, it focuses on holding the poses for long.

Kundalini Style

The emphasis of this yoga style is on chants and some breathing patterns. Yoga poses are focused on the last. This yoga style is about releasing the energy present in the lower part of the body by bringing it up. An adequately qualified yoga teacher is needed to teach this form of yoga. Fast and repetitive movements are used, along with some breathing patterns to go about this style of yoga.

Bikram Style

This yoga style is also known as hot yoga. As yoga practise is done in a preheated room with a temperature ranging from 85 to 100 degree. Twenty-six yoga poses are practised one after the other but always in the same order. When this exercise is done in this hot and humid environment, every pore of the yogic body pours sweat which results in the cleansing of the whole body. Before adopting this yoga style, the practitioner must consult a doctor to avoid future health problems.

Ashtanga Style

This is one of the most challenging styles among different styles of yoga as many fast and stiff movements are performed sequentially. The activities are also linked with some fixed breathing styles. Most famous power yoga takes its route from this yoga style.

Tantra Style

Tantra, like all other forms of the yoga, focuses on the relaxation, comfort and health element of the practitioner. It is said that nude yoga took its route from Tantra yoga style. Practising yoga naked is related to Tantra because Tantra could be performed without clothes as it focuses on the sexual nature of the person.

Another style of yoga that is becoming very popular these days in the west is doggie style yoga. In a doggie-style, yoga class practitioners come with their pet dogs for yoga. It’s fun as well as a healthy exercise for both human and dogs. People in a doggie style yoga class practice traditional yoga posses while keeping in touch with their pets. Even these pets sometimes act as yoga props and give some support to the yogic. It is like partner yoga where both the parties are involved.