Learn About Tantric Yoga: What It Is, Benefits, Ways To Practice

Yoga originated in ancient India. The concept is centuries old. Yoga originated as a set of some spiritual practices in the east, but now west has even adopted yoga as a form of exercise and a mediation tool. Yoga has some ways, and most of them are existent in today’s world, whatever the form we talk about the main aim is the same, i.e. to work for the whole human being. 

Learn About Tantric Yoga: What It Is, Benefits, Ways To Practice

Yoga works simultaneously for the human body, mind and spirit. Main branches of yoga include Bikram yoga, hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, raja yoga, tantric yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Different people practice any one form of yoga or a combination of ways to meet their health goals. Tantric yoga-like all other forms of the yoga focus on the relaxation, comfort and health element of the practitioner.

In the west there exist a misconception about tantric yoga that it is just about sex. Sex is not doubted a part of this form of yoga, but tantric is not just about sex. Now the question arises that precisely:

what is tantric yoga?

Tantric yoga exists in today’s world with many modifications. This form of yoga is about directing the energies of the human body (especially spine) in the direction to aid in providing happiness and comfort to the person.

How To Practice Tantric Yoga

Thus tantric yoga uses sexual energy in a very positive manner. There are some tantric yoga positions and tantric yoga exercises that one can practice. Tantric yoga could be learned from an instructor, or even a person can use yoga DVDs to learn this yoga. Help could be taken from tantric yoga videos and tantric yoga photos. These pictures and videos can help the practitioner to get a better understanding of the tantric yoga positions. Besides purchasing yoga DVDs from the market one can use the internet to find this stuff.

Tantric yoga can be learned alone or with a partner too. It depends on a person’s personal choice that if he wants to enjoy a good bonding experience with his partner or he wants to do the exercise for his sexual or mental well being.

Tantric yoga positions used in training duration are mostly female superior. It is recommended that tantric yoga should be practised either in the morning or in the evening. If the tantric yoga exercises are done regularly, and in a proper sequence they provide many health benefits to the practitioner like:-

Benefits of Tantra Yoga

  1. Improves The Sexual Abilities Of The Person.
  2. Strengthen Muscles And Resolves Problems Of The Anal And Genital Areas.
  3. Improves The Functioning Of The Respiratory System And Increase Immunity Of A Person Against Infection

One of the most well-known modifications of Tantric is named as Karezza. Karezza involves prolonged intercourses, but the aim is to do them without ejaculation. When someone practices it, he will find that even that could be a source of pleasure. There are different types of tantric yoga. One of the most practised types is tantric kriya yoga as tantric yoga is exciting and easy to learn, so people with some experience can do a certification and then start their teaching practice.

Majority of the times nude yoga is related to Tantric yoga. The reason could be that Tantric yoga can be performed without clothes as it focuses on the sexual nature of a person. However, it is not necessary to perform the sexual act in tantric yoga.