Nude Yoga: One of the most well-known types of yoga

Yoga is strongly linked with the religious beliefs and practices of several Indian religions. However, yoga is known in the west and other parts of the world and as a form of exercise. There are some forms of yoga being practiced in today's modern world. One of the most well-known types of yoga is nude yoga.

Nude Yoga: One of the most well-known types of yoga

Although there is no need to define the word nude yoga, it is self-explanatory. But two words could be used to describe the term nude yoga. These are naked + yoga. Various forms of yoga are gaining rapid popularity in western countries, especially. Practicing yoga naked is becoming a routine activity in the west as these societies have a familiarity with social nudity.

The concept of doing yoga aerobics naked originated in the western world in the 1960s. Initially, naked yoga was featured in some films like Bob and Carol and The Harrad Experiment. Till then, the number of practitioners of nude yoga is progressing like anything. This increasing number of practitioners resulted in the startup of several naked yoga classes. In a naked yoga class, people can shed off their clothes and do yoga aerobics nude.

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People who want to carry out nude yoga in their privacy and not in a class practice yoga aerobics naked at their home with complete privacy. They could take instructions from an instructor they trust, or even they could use some naked yoga videos or nude yoga pictures as their instruction guide. A naked yoga DVD could serve the purpose. A naked yoga video could guide a shy practitioner in performing yoga in the best possible way. With the increasing popularity of nude yoga, some websites are on the internet that provides free naked yoga videos.

In places like New York, San Francisco, and New Jersey, some groups started where both men's naked yoga and women naked yoga are practiced. One of the most popular groups is "Midnight Yoga for Men," which was started by an American named Jayadev. A specific yoga style is practiced by this group member, which is known as "sadhus in the buff."

The route of naked yoga could be traced back to "Tantra," an ancient form of yoga. Like all other forms of yoga, Tantra focuses on the relaxation, comfort, and health element of the practitioner. Practicing yoga naked is related to Tantra because Tantra could be performed without clothes as it focuses on a person's sexual nature. However, it is not necessary to perform the sexual act.

Some variations of nude yoga exist in the west. One of the most common forms of nude yoga is the couple's yoga aerobics naked. This type of yoga is felt best to increase the sexual compatibility of couples. Some lovers of practicing yoga aerobics naked find it best to do their relaxation exercise on the beach with a sunbath. But this is not a common practice since special permissions are needed to practice yoga naked on the beach.

The nude yoga practitioners claim that if someone wants to stay healthy, relax, and comfortable, then naked yoga is the right choice since this activity allows a person to be just with himself by shedding off all the worldly things.