Go to Yoga Classes or Buy a Yoga Video?

Traditional yoga classes are performed at a specific time at a specific place. If there is an excellent yoga class nearby at a time that fits you - this would be perfect. In real life, that is not always the case. That is when you could think about going for a yoga video instead. There are traditional yoga classes and yoga videos to help you get going with the yoga training. Both alternatives have their benefits and disadvantages. To choose between the two, you have to look at your neighborhood's alternatives, consider your lifestyle, and let your inner self be the guide.

Go to Yoga Classes or Buy a Yoga Video?

Traditional yoga classes have their benefits. The more modern form of yoga videos has theirs. Both of the alternatives also come with downsides. What you prefer is up to you, but here is a list to help you decide what might be the best alternative for you.

Time is of essence

Traditional yoga classes take place at a particular time of day at a particular place. If you prefer a kind of yoga offered in your neighborhood, and the time for that class is a good one for your inner self, then the pick is easy. But if this isn't the case, the question would be if a yoga video is a better alternative. Yoga is to be performed when you feel at ease with yourself, and when you feel that you can have a clear mind and can concentrate. If not, the yoga class might be somewhat wasted. The same goes for the type of yoga chosen. If you pick a yoga class, you do not like just because nothing else is offered, there is no use.

Location is also of importance.

If you have to stress yourself to drive a long way to get to yoga class, a video might be the right choice. Spending too much time to get to class will get you in a bad mood and not making you feel any better. And yoga is about finding your inner self and is supposed to make you feel better.

Social network

For some people, training in a companion with others is essential. For others, yoga is about connecting to the inner self. Which type of person are you? Do you need others' motivation to do the exercises, or do you feel more comfortable on your own? That is one of the main questions to ask yourself while choosing between a video and a class.

A good teacher

A good teacher can inspire others to go above their limits. You never get that personal interaction with a great teacher with a video, no matter how good the video is. If you feel you need a personal mentor to guide you into the yoga world, choose a class. If you feel spirited already and want to search for that mentor within yourself, go for a video.

Always choose quality

The last question to ask yourself is what kind of quality the yoga classes in your neighborhood offer, and what kind of yoga they include. If there is an excellent place to go for a yoga class, including the kind of yoga you are looking for, nothing could be better. But do not go for second best. In that case, a video might work better. But be aware of the fact that videos may vary in quality as well. There is no use looking for a cheap yoga video. Choose the best you can get.