Common Opinions About Iyengar Yoga And Its Different Benefits

One of the most popular styles of yoga is Iyengar yoga. It is a softer style of yoga that makes use of some classical yoga poses. A key difference of Iyengar yoga from the other branches of yoga is that this yoga style emphasizes on holding the poses for long. Iyengar yoga focuses on both mental relaxation and physical health.

Common Opinions About Iyengar Yoga And Its Different Benefits

To start with, Iyengar yoga for you might be the best yoga style. However, before beginning the practice of yoga, one must do a proper study of that particular yoga style. An appropriate examination of a yoga style will tell the practitioner that either this type of yoga is suitable for him or not. 

Different yoga styles are comprised of different yoga poses, and each yoga pose serves a different purpose. If you want to enjoy simple yoga postures along with long holding of these postures, then Iyengar yoga for you would be the best choice. To study Iyengar yoga in detail, the interested person can consult a concerning book or even the aikido and Iyengar yoga essays. The best source for this research would be the internet.

Iyengar yoga style is taught in some yoga classes where a certified Iyengar yoga teacher guides in Iyengar yoga poses. Anyone interested in practicing this yoga style in the home may use CDs and pictures, or videos of Iyengar yoga poses as a guide. However, it is recommended that they take guidance from a certified Iyengar yoga teacher for beginners.

Benefits Of Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga that works for body and mind at the same time. It is most commonly used as a mediation tool all over the world. Given below is the list of few key benefits that are being offered by Iyengar yoga.

  1. Muscles toning
  2. Relaxation, Tension relief
  3. Releasing chronic pain
  4. Strengthening weak muscles by stretching
  5. Better structural alignment of the body
  6. Increases one's inner awareness of himself
  7. It provides knowledge of the classical yoga poses that help the yogic practice any yoga branch later on quickly.

Common Opinions About Iyengar Yoga

There most common opinions about Iyengar yoga are explained below.

  • Iyengar yoga is considered perfect for beginners because of two reasons. These are:-

i. The use of props such as chairs, blocks, straps, and sandbags is allowed in Iyengar yoga. These props help the beginners to go about their practice quickly, and these props also compensate them for any lack of flexibility in the body.

ii. The Iyengar yoga poses are not severe; only holing the poses for long is required. So beginners could smoothly go about them with the help of props.

  • One of the most critical opinions about Iyengar yoga is concluded from the latest study. This study has shown that Iyengar yoga exerts a very positive influence on the physical fitness and psychological health of women who are breast cancer survivors. The study talks about those victims of breast cancer who are four years out of the cancer diagnosis and are on some hormonal medication now. Iyengar yoga programs could bring in psychological improvements in these survivors besides physical health.

This study is another proof about yoga's role to bring in a positive impact on people's physical and mental health.