4 Essential Foods To Help You Burn Belly Fat and Lose Weight Fast

Do you know that you can lose Weight or abdominal fat by eating specific types of foods? I am sure I am not by any means, the first one to tell you that. You may have been misled by some ‘experts’ that you can get rid of belly fat or lose weight by starving. You don’t have to believe that anymore for I am going to show you some specific types of food that will help you lose Weight Naturally. Unlike most other foods, these foods are known to burn fat in your body.

As you may have heard several times already, your body uses some calories in order to digest food. However, these foods are ‘special’ because they require a lot of calories to digest and as you might be aware, the more calories you burn, the quicker you lose weight!

4 Essential Foods To Help You Burn Belly Fat and Lose Weight Fast

A slow metabolism makes it hard to Lose Weight faster!

Here is another fact you should know; as we grow older, our metabolic rate slows down significantly hence harder to lose weight! This explains why most people gain weight during their middle age. You see, when you are young, your metabolism is fast enough to deal with most of the extra calories that we consume. 

However, at middle age, a person’s metabolic rate becomes low and as a result, unable to burn as much fat as it used to during the earlier ages. The ‘special’ foods below will help you boost your metabolic rate and help your body burn belly fat and lose weight naturally faster.

Drink Green Tea regularly and Lose Weight naturally:

I am sure I am not the first one to tell you this but drinking green tea works. As a coach, I usually recommend that my students who are trying to get rid of belly fat or lose weight using green tea regularly. If you are in the habit of drinking regular tea already, you can replace it with green tea! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with ordinary tea, but green tea has proven effective as a way to lose weight faster. 

It contains fat-burning chemicals which are not present in the regular tea, and it is this special chemical that does the magic. Actually, if you look closely, almost all supplements designed to help people lose Weight in the market today contain green tea as one of the ingredients.

Through several years of coaching, I had witnessed several of my students losing tremendous amounts of Weight when they switched from drinking sodas to green tea. Another great advantage of green tea is its ability to suppress food cravings. 

For even faster results, it is advisable if you want to lose Weight faster that you drink green tea right before your main meals as well as for general hydration. Of course, you also need to eat the right food that will boost your metabolism for faster weight loss as well. You can find out more on which foods are effective for losing Weight… Click Here for more tips

Lose Weight by using Peanut butter instead of ordinary butter:

Unlike the ordinary butter, which is rich in saturated fat, peanut butter is rich in protein and fibre, both of which will help you to lose Weight. You need strong lean muscles to burn body fat and protein will help you to build lean muscle mass. I can’t stress this enough; you cannot lose Weight fast if your muscles are weak! Fibre, on the other hand, will help in suppressing your food craving for a long time. It is no wonder most athletes use peanut butter as part of their snacks before performing hard endurance training.

Though peanut butter is considered a special food type, it is easily available; you can go to any local store and buy it. I would recommend that you buy the natural ones if you want to lose Weight faster, read the label and don’t be misled by popular commercial brands. Actually, if you have the time, you can easily prepare your peanut butter at home. If you prefer peanut butter on bread, make sure it is whole grain or whole wheat bread! Find out more tips to help you lose Weight… Click here to watch a video.

Remember the Almond:

You may have heard already, that there are two types of fat available: the good is also known as unsaturated fat and the bad also known as saturated fat. You should try to avoid the bad fats by all means if you want to lose Weight because they make you fat! However, good fats provide your body with essential nutrients such as fatty acids. 

So, why almond? Well, it is a great source of good fat. It is rich in fatty acids and protein. Like green tea, almond will help your body to burn belly fat or lose Weight by increasing your metabolic rate! Remember that the rate at which you lose Weight depends on your metabolic rate. The faster your metabolic rate, the quicker you will get rid of belly fat or extra body fat and the vice versa!

Beans make you full and Lose Weight faster:

Unless you are allergic to beans, you should eat it more regularly in place of meats, especially red meat. Have you wondered why most weight loss programs operate on the principle of tricking the body to feel full after eating very little food? It is a fact that in order to lose Weight or extra body fat successfully, you need to suppress your hunger. Your success in suppressing food craving will determine how fast you are able to lose Weight. 

That is where beans come handy; they make for a great appetite supplement. Beans are a great source of good protein and therefore great for building lean muscles as well. As I mentioned earlier, you need these lean muscles to burn extra body fat and lose Weight. Beans are also are rich in fibre, therefore helping to keep your stomach full for a long time.

These ‘special’ foods are not only common and cheap but also healthy for long term weight loss goals. I believe in taking action, and as a coach, I know anyone can lose Weight as long as they believe in themselves and are willing to take the first step. Though we are all different, you will never know what works for you until you take that first step. 

Final note! Please, don’t feel embarrassed to seek help from ordinary people like me and you who have succeeded in losing Weight, we all need each other. Feel free to learn from others and stick with what works, and you will soon have a testimonial to share.