10 Steps For An Effective Weight Loss Program

There are a lot of ways to lose weight. This article gives you an example of how to lose weight, making ten steps.

10 Steps For An Effective Weight Loss Program

1. Say “no” to crash diets

This is the worst thing you can do: finish your diet and start eating your usual foods again. Your body will start “saving” fat still, and you put on even more weight than you have lost. Crash dieting is the first reason why people refuse from the programs of losing weight.

2. It is better to lose weight slowly and further stay in shape than to lose weight quickly and gain weight again 

Set up a goal to take 500 calories out of your daily ration. As a result, this will be 3500 calories a week, which means you lose 2 kilograms. Divide this deficit in your body: take 250 calories out of your daily ration and burn 250 calories with physical training. Your muscle mass will be retained; you will lose only body fat.

3. Your daily ration must contain enough protein

Eat such foods like chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, and white part of an egg, so your quota will contain enough protein. It is preferable to eat boiled or baked foods instead of fried or grilled. It is also better to have five-six small meals a day than to eat two-three big meals.

4. Remove “useless” calories from your ration

Refuse from such foods as carbonated drinks, soda, potato chips, and fast food.

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5. Make notations about your diet

This is very important to make your diet journal. These notations will help you to monitor calories you eat, to plan your daily ration. It would also be useful to write the results you are getting with your weight loss program that gives you a great motivation to follow it.

6. Train your cardiovascular system

This training is vital because it trains your heart and lungs, plus it helps to burn calories and body fat. You should do cardio exercises 3 days a week for 20-40 minutes. You can read about cardio training in sports magazines or do your research on the Internet, you will find many programs about cardio training there, and you will be able to compare them and choose the one that suits you the best.

7. Muscle training is essential too

Doing muscle training, you burn body fat and tuck in your skin

8. Do your research

As has already been saying, the Internet has a lot of information about weight loss programs. Doing your research, you will find the plan that suits you the best; you will also find many diet programs and pick up those you like the most.

9. One more repetition — motivation is essential

Use every detail for your motivation. Have you lost some weight today? Great! Then your weight loss program is working, and you should keep following it.

10. Get rid of your habits that may make you gain weight

Do you like watching TV while you are eating? Stop doing that; if you watch TV while having a meal, you will eat more. Do you want to eat before you go to sleep? This is a nasty habit. It is better to have your last meal for four hours you go to sleep.

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