Different types of yoga poses

Yoga is a unique form of exercise that works for body mind and soul at the same time. There are different forms of yoga existing in this world. Each type of yoga comprise of some yoga poses, body stretches, breathing patterns, and chants. Poses for different forms of yoga are varied and performed differently. 

Different types of yoga poses

For example, power yoga poses are 26 and need to be practiced continuously. With the growing popularity of yoga, free online yoga poses are readily available with complete methodology, pictures, and videos. Some of these poses are beginning yoga pose recommended for beginners, while others are advanced yoga pose for only advanced practitioners.

Beginning Yoga Poses

There are quite a large number of yoga posses; one cannot learn them in a few days. For beginners, it is recommended to start with easy and fundamental yoga poses. The list of beginning yoga poses is given below:-

  1. Standing Forward Bend Pose
  2. Seated Forward Bend Pose
  3. Child Pose
  4. Cobra Pose
  5. Mountain Pose
  6. Chair Pose And Many More

Yoga Poses For Diabetics

Yoga is a very healthy exercise. If diabetic patients practice, different yoga poses as part of their daily routine, they can control their diabetes. Because practicing yoga improves digestive system functions, it helps in the normal functioning of the liver and pancreas. Yoga also regulated the blood sugar level and reduced weight. The generally advised yoga poses for diabetics include:-
  • Early Morning Sun Salutation
  • Leg Lift Pose
  • Peacock Pose

Basic Yoga Poses Explained

Yoga Cat Pose:

The yoga cat pose offers several benefits to the practitioners. It improves the blood circulation in the body, especially in the spine. The spinal fluid is also stimulated, which helps in stress relief. This yoga pose basically works for the back and spine. If a practitioner feels any difficulty or pain going about the pose, he can use a yoga blanket under the knees.

Yoga Tree Pose:

“Vrksasana” is known as tree pose. This yoga pose helps in toning and strengthening the muscles of the back, thighs, and ankles. Prolonged withholding of the yoga tree pose is required for better results. But for beginners, it is advised that they must use some type of support. Besides strengthening muscles, yoga tree pose helps to improve body balance and yogic concentration ability. This yoga pose is not advised to people suffering from the problem of high or low blood pressure.

Yoga Chair Pose:

The English name for “Utkatasana” is the yoga chair pose. While the yogic is practicing this pose, it feels like yogic is sitting on an imaginary chair. To come up with the chair pose yogic bend his knees and bring the hips in a sitting position. The key benefits that yoga chair pose provides include building stamina and balancing the body. This yoga pose works for muscles of arms and leg, and it also stimulates the blood circulation.

Yoga Warrior Pose:

Another very basic yoga pose is known as the yoga warrior pose. It is a starter backbend pose. The main aim of this yoga pose is to strengthen the legs muscles. At the same time, yoga warrior pose works for legs, arms, and shoulders. In addition to muscle strengthening, it improves the yogic stamina. As yogic get familiar with the yoga warrior pose, he can move towards the problematic backbend poses.

Few other basic yoga poses include mountain pose, yoga crescent pose, and cobra pose.