Yoga As Therapy: Its Process, Role, and Certification

It is tough to define yoga therapy because the subject is too vast, and its elements cannot be summarized in a few words. Yoga therapy is a health care system that focuses more on prevention rather than treatment. It consists of several exercises for the people facing some health issues of both physiological and psychological nature. This therapy combines ancient spiritual practices, activities, and modern medical knowledge to treat various disorders.

Yoga As Therapy: Its Process, Role, and Certification

The underlying philosophy behind the process of yoga therapy is totally different from that of medical science. Medical science tries to eliminate the factors behind some illnesses like a viral infection or digestive system disorder. But yoga therapy works very. Differently, it tries to remove the actual cause beside these diseases. This therapy works on a straightforward principle that there is always a core cause of some disorder, work against the reason, not the disorder itself.

Process Of Yoga Therapy

Following straightforward steps are involved in treating any disorder via yoga therapy.

  1. The very first step is to select a set of postures that are useful for the treatment. This set varies from problem to problem. But the overall aim is to choose those postures that result in body care.
  2. Then select a set of breathing patterns that complement the chosen postures above. Again the disorder problem must be kept in mind.
  3. If the problem (disorder) is a physical injury, then proper cleaning should be done.
  4. The sufferer must intake a balanced yogic diet.
  5. If the victim is suffering from a mental problem, then yoga should be incorporated in his life as a relaxation and meditation tool.

The concept of structural yoga therapy programs is becoming very popular these days. In a first yoga therapy program, the therapist customizes the process of yoga therapy according to the victim's requirements. This yoga therapy is used mainly in case of some physical problems, disease, or injury. Ayurveda Yoga therapy is also becoming very common.

Role Of Yoga Therapy And Anxiety

Everyone in this world is struggling hard to achieve his aims. All the things never come out to be what we want. The result is anxiety. No one can save him from stress. This element of fear in the life of a few people becomes so high that they have to start the medication to cope with this issue. Some researches have been conducted to check for the role of yoga therapy in anxiety relief and to see how much success is yoga therapy generally. These researches have shown very positive results. As yoga teaches to control your emotion and your mind, it helps in reducing anxiety. In patients of stress, the medication may be required even with yoga therapy, but no doubt, they recover very fast.

Some of the other prominent uses of yoga therapy are:-

  • Yoga as physical therapy for stroke
  • Yoga therapy used to treat various heart diseases and emotional disorders
  • Yoga therapy for children

Certification In Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapists are the people who want to use yoga for the health care of others. To become a yoga therapist, one needs to go through a yoga therapy training program. After completing the required certification in yoga therapy, a person can start working as a yoga therapist. The only precondition for enrolling in a yoga therapy training program is that the person must have basic knowledge about yoga. The general requirement is to complete 200 hours of training. One can get registered into a program of yoga therapy training online.

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