Top 10 best yoga retreats in the world


Top 10 Yoga Retreats :

Top 10 best yoga retreats in the world

Yoga originated in ancient India as a set of some spiritual practices some thousands of years ago. Although yoga originated in eastern part of the word but now it has become more popular in west. Western societies are very keen to adopt anything that provides them with certain benefits. Yoga is one of such thing. It does not just provide the health benefits to the practitioners rather it exerts a very positive influence on the overall life of the practitioner. 

Yoga exists in a number of forms. Main forms of yoga include hatha yoga, bikram yoga ashtanga yoga raja yoga and iyengar yoga. Each form of yoga comprise of a number of yoga postures, body stretches, chants and breathing patterns. 

Yoga can be practice in home with the help of some instruction DVD or a person can join a yoga class to learn the art of yoga or even a person can go to a yoga studio. With the growing popularity of yoga the concept of yoga retreats is also becoming popular. 

Yoga retreats provide a dual benefit to the yogic he can practice yoga but in new places with many different people. It is advised to people to know about top 10 yoga retreats before making a decision of where to go. 

Given below is the list of top 10 yoga retreats, however their ranking changes occasionally.

  1. Kalani Oceanside Retreat United States.
  2. Baptist Power Yoga Institute. Cambridge.
  3. Nurturing Nest Yoga Retreat United States.
  4. Los Altos De Eros Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica.
  5. Ibiza Yoga Retreat, Spain.
  6. Byron Bay Yoga Retreat, Australia.
  7. Como Shambhala Retreat, Caribbean.
  8. Caribbean Is Called The Self Centre.
  9. Ashiyana Yoga Retreat, India.
  10. Amangani Wyoming Retreat

Among top ten yoga retreats, the most famous one is located in United States. It is named as Nurturing Nest yoga retreat. It is famous for its location and services both. It is located in Palm Spring Valley near the National Park. It attracts people during the springs because of its hot weather. This yoga treat comprises of seven rooms and number of yoga treatments to the visitors. Most popular treatments include body tuning up sessions and breathing patterns.

Baptist Power Yoga Institute is another top 10 yoga resort. It is located in the Cambridge. It is the best retreat for power yoga lovers. This retreat is targeting those people who are highly enthusiastic and want to do some fast pace yoga exercise. Another very famous retreat of United States is named as Kalani Oceanside Retreat. It is located at Hawaii. Yoga lovers think that it is one of the most famous top ten yoga retreats. The reason behind is its fresh and healthy environment.

Bryon Bay Yoga Retreat is thought to be perfect place for meditation. It is located in Brisbane Australia. A number of professionally trained psychologists conduct the meditation classes here. Ibiza yoga retreat is a famous retreat located in Spain. People who visit this retreat get a dual advantage of visiting a top rated yoga retreat and Spain both.

Those yogic who are interested to visit India can now do that easily because India has one of top 10 yoga retreats namely Ashiyana yoga retreat. Caribbean has two of the top 10 yoga retreats. First one is Combo Shambhala Retreat and the second one is Self Center. Amangani Wyoming retreat is the last out of top 10 yoga retreats. The reason behind so much success of this retreat is that it offers the facility of one to one yoga classes. These one to one classes helps people to learn and improve their weak yoga skills.